The Workplace is Everywhere

The Workplace is Everywhere

The business landscape is rapidly transforming. ‘Work’ has now become a fluid concept; it is no longer a place we go, but an activity we need the flexibly to do anywhere, anytime.

The advent of Digital Transformation has accelerated the form and function of the modern workplace, which is now built around delivering data driven insights. This transformation increasingly requires people and technology to work at a heightened level in terms of activity type and complexity. This is down to the
workplace becoming more activity-based, rather than completing tasks from a single location; all forming part of the Workplace Transformation.

Dell EMC and Intel® are at the forefront of the Workforce Transformation and enabling work everywhere. Workforce Enablement is made possible through innovative endpoint solutions and pioneering ecosystems that are more secure, manageable and reliable for the Workplace.

All ecosystems are delivered within a fully managed PC as a Service Model, ensuring access to refreshed technology, which guarantees you continual access to the latest PC and endpoint Solutions.


60% of staff work after traditional office
52% of the work force work remotely


44% feel their workforce isn’t smart enough
1/3 say their technology at home is more cutting edge


82% say the right technology is a deciding
factor when choosing where to work
By 2020 50% of millennials are likely to
reject or quit jobs with substandard tech


82% believe a tailored device will increase
75% believe a personalised ecosystem will
improve decision -making


77% of IT buyers think the tech they
purchase will impact employee motivation
Over 77% want to use AR & VR

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